The basic of any best marketing strategy is to you have to need to go where your customers are, and today it means that having an effective online presence. The World Wide Web has brought aboutimportant shift in the way the community for products and services, and people are increasingly more and more turning to the internet and they research their purchases before they do. Foremostbusinesses understand this, and trusted on their digital marketing divisions to build their companies and improve their market share. But, digital marketing is not the only province of great businesses with their deep pockets.If you are thinking that Digital Marketing has nothing for your small businesses then you have to need to think again about this. On previous estimates more than 60% online customers begin their deal with overall search. It means that they all were unclaimed customers. That means they were unclaimed customers who were here to finding new businesses offering the product that they needed.Digital Marketing makes it possible for your business to reach more and more probable consumers. Any small or big business promote their businesses through the Digital Marketing via using search engine optimization strategies and can build their reputation as the best. Digital Marketing is not only about growing your customer, although Digital Marketing is building long tern relationship with your customers using strategies such as SMM.  Building relations with your customers is also a key to growth your business. It can start with as easy as a confirmation email after their buying and spread to building online community over Facebook, twitter or other social media channel. We know that social media has become a growing important part of any effective marketing strategy. It offers a sole opportunity for small businesses to improve their online visibility, to establish their brand and get traffic to their website where they converted the leads in to the customers. Data collection and research is a big part of digital marketing. You very well know that what your customer is looking for?How often they are buying, and they have mostly visited in which areas of your website. This data can be used to initial the customer web experience and then you easily keeping the products or services they are looking for foremost. This help you to make suggests as to their upcomingbuying.Digital marketing is not only for great businesses and big companies. Digital marketing is cost effective technique for small entrepreneurs to build their brand recognition, grow their customer basis, and increase sales. Digital marketing takes time and stable attention to get results. But, digital marketing can be a real strength for small businesses, and the return on the investment can be considerable.