Increase your audience network to promote your blog on Instagram

A solid Instagram strategy is a terrific place to start if you want to improve blog traffic in 2022. In this article I’m sharing here how to promote your blog on Instagram.

Instagram is largely visual in comparison to other well-known social media platforms like Twitter and Facebook.

You can distribute content in four various methods if you are familiar with the platform, which you are.

This tutorial will show you how to use each of these capabilities to promote your blog on Instagram.

Ready to boost your blog traffic? Here are latest ways to promote your blog on Instagram:

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1. Share Your Blog Post to Instagram Stories

Using Instagram Stories is one of the finest ways to promote your most recent blog article in front of your Instagram followers! Instagram Stories are viewed daily by over 70% of all users, and their popularity is only growing. It’s a terrific approach to engage your current followers to use Instagram Stories to promote your blog content. Additionally, you may be able to find entirely new fan bases that will help in the growth of your site!

2. Network With Other Bloggers to Expand Your Reach and Grow Your Blog

It’s simple to concentrate solely on what you can do, rather than what others can do for you, when finding out how to use Instagram to promote your blog. Creating a strong community with other people in your niche, however, can help you reach new audiences that might be able to use your most recent blog article!

Use these simple suggestions to include networking into your bigger blog promotion strategy.

Look for accounts, influencers, brands, and businesses that are naturally complementary to the topics of your blog, industry, and interests.
Engage in meaningful connection with and support for these accounts by leaving comments, liking posts, and even resharing!
Introduce yourself and see if there are any opportunities for collaborations, features, or partnerships.

3. Prioritize Video and High-impact Visuals

More than ever, video content is prioritized by the Instagram algorithm. Keeping this in mind, it makes sense to plan promotional content that caters to the needs of the algorithm. Therefore, even a brief Reel discussing the subject of your most recent article (combined with a compelling CTA) will probably provide better results.

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4. Let them know what’s coming

Are you engaged in a project that is so novel and intriguing that secrecy is a real challenge? You might be wrapping up a sizzling new product or incentive offer or authoring a brand-new eBook.

Or perhaps you’re about to start a podcast or video blog!

Teasing your audience is a fantastic approach to start building anticipation, intrigue, and conversation around your new “thing” on Instagram, whatever that new thing may be. Take a picture of what you’re working on, make a personalized banner poster with some creative text overlay, or even make a teaser video to let people know that something BIG is coming.

5. Be consistent

You need to remain consistent if you want social media to benefit your blog or your internet business. It serves no purpose to publish content every day when you are feeling inspired and motivated just to stop using Instagram a few weeks later.

Great content plus consistency increases audience engagement, which increases follower numbers and increases blog or website traffic.


It can be challenging to drive visitors to your blog from Instagram. But you may use Instagram to promote your blog. You can use Instagram to increase visitors to your blog if you have these strategies in your marketing toolbox.

However, keep in mind that it may take some time to identify your niche on any social media, especially when trying something new.

Keep track of your best practices and increase their use.