Increase page views on website

Is it accurate to say that you are attempting to increase page views on your website, however you’re not succeeding? Getting more pageviews on your website is a vital piece of content marketing. It boosts your SEO, assists you with engaging in with your crowd, and gets more eyes on high-converting pages.

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In any case, as you definitely know, it very well may be hard to contend with all the digital noise out there. So how would you keep your crowd excited by your content and clicking new pages on your site? Today, that is actually the thing I will cover. I will reveal to you some concrete strategies to increase page views on your website. Google Analytics and other website insightful projects have page views as one of the three most prominent measurements along with visits and special visitors.

Page views uncover the amount of a site visitors consume. The more pages they consume, the more the visitors are demonstrating they like the site’s content and think that it’s simple to discover what they need.

What are Page Views

A page view is just a page that visitors see, like the landing page. The visitors normally don’t need to scroll down a page and view every last bit of it. They only need to see enough to trigger the scientific programming and consider it a view.

In the advertising scene, a page see is significant on the grounds that it typically brings about promotion impressions if the page has promoting code on it. More page views mean all the more advertisement impressions and all the more promotion income for the site publisher.

On the off chance that a visitor goes to a site from an internet searcher, views one page and leaves once more, analytics will show the visit had “one page for every visit”.

Here I am sharing some significant tips to increase page views on website

1. Boost Interlinking Between Pages of Your Website

One of the main website refreshes that will contribute to increased page views per website visitor is ensuring that each page of web content connects to more detailed, related or pertinent content on your website. Rather than site visitors clicking carelessly to discover what they’re searching for, you can rapidly manage them to suggest content and better control the progression of how a visitor crosses your site by appropriately interlinking content.

2. Take a Close Review of Your Existing Substance

In the event that you need to increase page views on your website, it is critical to review your webpage’s content to decide whether the current information really offers any worth to website visitors. In the event that each page of your site only incorporates a couple of sentences of feathery language that you set up rapidly to get your site dispatched, it’s improbable that those subtleties are really reassuring possibilities to work with you.

3. Make a first decent impression

At the point when you first land on a website one of the initial feelings you will get will come from the plan it’s utilizing. Pages with terrible plans and helpless format will in general incite high bounce rates and diminish page views. In addition, if your plan doesn’t satisfy your visitors’ expectations, they will feel that you’re conniving.

Keep away from revolting plan components, a busy design, and a lot of text. Additionally, a great deal of pop-ups or meddling promotions can cause your visitors to feel like they are being misled and leave your site inside the initial couple of moments subsequent to showing up. Make an effort not to utilize this sort of promotions on the off chance that you need to support more page views.

Aside from utilizing a pleasant plan, keep a reasonable communication. Continuously review the language and spelling on your site to assemble a picture of trust and believability.

4. Constantly Test and Improve

A great deal goes into making a fruitful website. In case you’re attempting to increase page views on a website, that implies every piece of a webpage should be helpful and functional. Anytime of confusion in convenience or plan, you remain to lose readers or clients. Guarantee your website is a perfectly tuned symphony by constantly checking for issues and refreshing on a case by case basis.

There are a few different ways to do this, yet one of the most accommodating is essentially tuning in to your readers. Ensure your site’s mistake messages incorporate a connection to report issues , and use examination to track and respond to where your patrons might be getting lost.


These are some powerful procedures you can focus on, however there are numerous different things you can do to increase your page views.